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Anonymous asked: so ive wanted to start making youtube videos since forever and i know EVERYONE says that but im being serious no b.s. anyways i started a collab channel with a few people and now 3 of them want to take "a break" until summer when they arent "busy". you know im fine with that but should i post on my own and not wait till summer on my own channel ._. im scared help any advice?



This a bit of a specific question, so I’ll just go ahead and answer it now.
I say, if you want to make videos, make them.
Don’t wait for other people get involved when you can easily do it by yourself. :)




"The Vitruvian Greens" by Rachel Leung (a.k.a serendipitoast)

Let me start this with a shout out to my friends, deantoyoursam, jklawls and expectopatronums for helping me with design ideas and inside jokes.

This piece of art was based of off Leonardo da Vinci’s  Vitruvian Man.

Yesterday I got the idea to make a Vitruvian Man out of the vlogbrothers fishingboatproceeds & edwardspoonhands (John and Hank Green).

The Left Side

I made Hank the left side to represent the left brain (logic, analysis and according to some, a musical critic). Wearing his red shirt (with added Hanklerfish) and holding his guitar and sciencey chemical flask (biochemistry anyone? :D) 

The Right Side

John is on the right to represent the right brain (creative, imagination, the big picture).  Boxers instead of pants to pay homage to that one video where the fan base discovered our beloved author sometimes forgoes pants in his video. Green for their last names. Holding TFiOS (the first of his books I read) and a slice of pizza.

The two quotes that make up the circle are the ones that matter the most to me. Also their signature opening video lines. Lastly, all the quotes on the top of the first picture are John Green’s quotes and the ones on the bottom are Hank Green’s quotes.

(via nerdfighter-art)


Anonymous asked: Did I miss ab episode or did Ben not complete his second punishment for missing a video?

So far he has not done it, I think he’s hoping we will all forget.  We will not forget!