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Rated-R Pixar: Monsters Inc.

Sneaking into little girls bed rooms, kidnap, torture, fear, banishment and a world wide energy crisis.. you know.. Monsters Inc.

One of the things we at Super Carlin Brothers love the most about Pixar movies is that underneath all the bright colors, lovable characters, and jokes… are truly dark stories.

Once you remove the “Friendly monsters just doing their job” part of the story you are left with.. well actually still monsters, just not the cuddly nice kind, more of the kidnap and torture you kind… FOR KIDS!

Honestly this is the story of 2 miners who must face, their own society, government, corporation, a crazy kidnapper and their own fear to return an innocent (and possibly dangerous) being to its home.

That is seriously a lot to take in for a kids movie - Check out the video for the full story - Which Pixar film should we analyze next??


Guardians of the Galaxy is The LEGO Movie
What a great summer for movies! My favorite one was by far the one where Chris Pratt, recovers that ancient artifact, gets chased to a secret location, meets up with a team of misfits, joins forces with a pirate and then defeats the villain!

Here’s the thing… that was the exact plot of 2 movies this summer - The LEGO Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy. (And they were both my favorite!)

You might not suspect that a movie about an intergalactic space team and one about kids toys had so much in common but the similarities between these 2 is scary.